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Out Of Hour's Funerals

Burial Options 


Families have a choice of burying their loved ones in a standard coffin or if they wish, be buried without a coffin, often referred to as "shroud burial".

Burial in a Coffin 

The majority of burials provided at Saffron Hill Cemetery are in coffins. The standard, size most commonly used is the 78" x 24" x 15" coffin however, on occasion a larger size may be used for a larger person. On such occasions, we ask that you notify our Duty Officer during the booking appointment so that they can inform the on-call cemetery staff of what coffin size to dig for. 


Burial without a Coffin 

For burial without a coffin, ready-cut timber is available at Saffron Hill Cemetery. When instructed, the cemetery staff will construct the timber chamber inside the grave when it is prepared. See Illustration

When the family has opted to bury their loved one without a coffin we ask that you notify our Duty Officer during the booking appointment so that they can inform the on-call cemetery staff that a shroud burial is required. 

Note: Shroud burials are provided at single depth only. This means that there will be no allowance for a second burial to take place in that grave.   

Guidance On Memorials


Leicester City Council has a responsibility, under the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, to ensure that risks within cemeteries are properly managed.

An application form for a permit must be submitted to Bereavement Services for the approval to install any new memorial in the cemetery, alter or add any inscription, add to or remove from the cemetery any memorial, for which fee is payable.


Any memorial installed in the cemetery will be inspected and tested every 5 years to ensure it is safe.

When an inspection reveals a memorial to be unsafe, the Council is legally required to temporarily make safe the potential hazard. As memorials are the responsibility of the grave owners and their families, the Council will only temporarily make them safe. It will not carry out any repairs.

Owners should contact their memorial stonemason in order to carry out any necessary works and the stonemason must ensure that works are carried out to the recognised industry standards as laid down by the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) or the British Registrar of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM) Code of Working Practice.

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