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Fees & Charges

Funeral Costs


We provide funeral management and administrative services without cost. 

If you are using another Funeral Director or service provider please visit their website for costings or contact details to discuss these with them.

Leicester City Council Cemetery Fees And Charges
For a comprehensive list please visit the following link: Fees & Charges 2024/2025 
Burial Fees & Charges (Quick View) 2024/2025 - Download

Leicester City Council  Funeral  Invoices

Once the funeral has taken place Leicester City Council will raise an invoice for the cost of the burial. The invoice will be in the name of the applicant, in most cases, and emailed directly to them to their email address provided in Section 2 of the Notice of Burial (BRV1). In some cases, the Funeral Director/Arranger may have stipulated that all funeral invoices should be sent to them and not the family. If this is the case the Council will send the funeral invoice to the Funeral Director/Arranger who will then recover the invoice amount from the family. 

The Council's funeral invoice will typically list the following along with the appropriate charge:

Purchase of grave: This will be the cost of the grave if one has been purchased. The cost will depend on whether a "Lawned" grave or "Traditional" grave is selected. For non-resident burials, this charge will be doubled.


Adult interment fee: This is the Council's labour cost of interring the body. For non-resident burials, this charge will be doubled.

Use of chapel or Janazgah: This is for the use of the Janazgah if it was requested. 

Out of hours burial surcharge: If the burial took place out of normal working hours then a surcharge will be applied.  For a burial out of hours (after 3pm) between Monday to Friday an additional 25% of the interment fee will be applied as a surcharge.  For burials on weekends and bank holidays, it will be an additional 50% of the interment fee applied as a surcharge. 

Please note that the person or organisation receiving the funeral invoice will be legally liable for settling it. Please ensure all funeral invoices are paid promptly.

NOTE:  The funeral invoice details cannot be changed by Leicester City Council once the burial has taken place so please ensure "Section 2. Details of the Applicant" on the Notice of Burial (BRV1) is completed and signed by the next of kin who will be taking responsibility for settling any funeral costs. 

In view of the above, it is important for Funeral Directors/Arrangers to note: If the next of kin is expecting to claim from the DWP Funeral Fund then "Section 2. Details of the applicant" of the Notice of Burial (BRV1) should be completed and signed by the qualifying member of the immediate family to ensure the funeral invoice arrives in their name. 

Assistance With Funeral Payments

If the bereaved family is finding it difficult to meet funeral costs they can receive financial assistance by applying for the Funeral Fund.
The relevant application forms can be downloaded below:
DWP Funeral Fund Application Adult - Download
DWP Funeral Fund Application Child - Download
More detailed information can be found using the following link:

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