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At Crescent Funerals, we pride ourselves on delivering services of the highest professional standards.  We do this consistently by listening to our families, paying specific attention to what they feel and say about the services they receive from us.​ 

To assist us in monitoring and maintaining our standards please complete and submit the Service Quality Monitoring Form below. Please be as open and honest as possible.

Note: Any information provided, personal or otherwise, will be kept confidential in line with our GDPR requirements. You can view or download our GBPR policy here

You may also view our Privacy Policy here.



Service Quality Monitoring Form

Were you satisfied with the services provided to you?
How easy did you find our funeral process?
How supportive did you find our services?
How helpful did you find us as service providers?
How informative did you find us as service providers?
How did you hear about us?

Thank You

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