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About Crescent Funerals

Crescent Funerals is an independent, Leicester based, funeral service provider. We work closely with the Mosque or Funeral Home of your choice to manage every aspect of the funeral process for your loved one. With coverage across the County, we primarily provide our administrative support services to the Muslim community and also support families from different religious and cultural backgrounds. 

With knowledge gained from over twenty years of experience,  we provide comprehensive services, supporting families in making funeral arrangements and ensuring a smooth and seamless process.

Crescent Funerals led the initiative in facilitating a coalition of Leicestershire based Mosques and community organisations across the sectarian divide to build additional capacity within the community to deal with deaths resulting from the pandemic. This coalition, along with the county's Muslim Funeral Directors, Doctors, clinicians, professionals and community workers led to the formation of COVID-19- Leicestershire Muslim Funeral Support (COVID-19 LMFS).

Crescent Funerals has also been instrumental in identifying and establishing a dedicated community-based site to safely deal with deaths that are either suspected or confirmed of dying of the Coronavirus. In doing so, we have minimised and in some cases eliminated the risk of exposure to other sites within the city and county where the deceased would normally be prepared for burial. Operated by designated and fully trained Covid-19 LMFS volunteers, this secure site continues to provide safe services in the preparation of the deceased for burial. 


Crescent Funerals works diligently, formulating and implementing safe practices and services in the preparation and burial of the deceased. Recognised locally and nationally, we are fast becoming a beacon of good practice.  Crescent Funerals is also the Council's contracted out of hour's burials service provider and the first line of intervention. We meet every challenge with an innovative approach and play a critical role in developing processes, supporting families as well as stakeholders, through these difficult times and beyond. 

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