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At Crescent Funerals, we listen closely to all our families. We pay specific attention to what they feel and say about the services they receive from us as this enables us to learn and continuously improve. Feedback we receive also allows us to consistently seek to understand the strengths and weaknesses in our performance and work to make them even better.


Below is what families and Funeral Arrangers have to say about Crescent Funerals:

"Thank you so much for your constant input and in providing the highest level of service, Masha Allah Salim and Ahmed bhai. May Allah keep you and your families protected, Ameen. I have purchased a generator with the submersible pump for you for community use ."

FU (Jan 2023)

"Thoroughly appreciated all the clear, calm and knowledgeable guidance as well as timely responses throughout the process. Thank you, may Allah SWT reward you abundantly for the support you provide during very difficult times."

WI (December 2022)

"The service was fantastic and we as a family are most grateful for all the assistance and understanding that was given. Thank you ever so much."

MM (December 2022)

"I cannot thank Brother Salim enough, for what he did for us. When my sister was told she had days to live I contacted brother Salim for guidance in advance. He was very supportive and advised me what to do what the death takes place. He understood the complexities due to the deceased being a cancer patient. Brother Salim went the extra on many occasions. The first being, to contact someone for the body to be moved to the mortuary late at night. He then drove to the cemetery to see if the burial could take place on the same day as Janazah. Put it simply I couldn't have asked for better support. Additionally, he always answered my calls whenever I called him and offered his support and guidance. I pray that ALLAH accepts his work and he allows him to continue to benefit the community."

ZM (July 2022)

"Words can't describe how good the service you provide is. Above and beyond throughout the whole process. Your dedication and commitment to helping the grieving family are second to none. World-class and a true benchmark of how all funeral services should be. May Allah reward you in this Dunya & Akhirah. Ameen."

MD (July 2022)

"Alhumdulillah the support, advice, and guidance received throughout the whole process was exemplary. As well as explaining the process, Saleem Bhai advised us on how to best deal with the relevant authorities in a way that would ensure that the family is able to fulfill the funeral rites of our Beloved Grandfather as quickly and seamlessly as possible. As a family, we felt reassured and supported throughout the whole process. A big Jazaakallah to everyone at Crescent Funeral Services. Allan accept all your efforts, take you from strength to strength and reward you abundantly"

H (June 2022)

"A well-rounded and excellent service provided with clear concise instructions and information."

FJ (June 2022)

"Salim’s Bhai’s professionalism is second to none. Always willing to help no matter the situation. Very knowledgeable in this field in terms of dealing with local authorities. Due to his hardwork and networking with local authorities, hospital etc has made it very easy for the Muslim community."

TM (May 2022)

"Thank you Salim, contacting you was so easy. The replies had been so quick I was actually so impressed. Jazakallah. The only bit that was a issue was the grave digging. We waited 15/20 mins for them to continue digging whilst we waited with the mayat. Though this is not your or crescent's fault it is more council. Once again Thank you Salim from the bottom of my heart. I would recommend you to anybody without a shadow of a doubt and may Allah give you abundant sawab for your help. Ameen"

MC (May 2022)

"Salimbhai was extremely helpful and provided the appropriate support needed to complete all the necessary steps that were required to for my father’s funeral. Words really cannot express my gratitude towards all the help and support that was provided by him. I really did not know anything and Salimbhai explained everything thoroughly and supported me in getting all the right actions completed"

YA (April 2022)

"Slmz Salim bhai I just wanted to say Jzk for creating a guide for loved ones when a death occurs, the inclusion of a flow chart is brilliant! May Allah reward all that were involved in creating it Ameen"

RS (March 2022)

"Amazing service with real empathy, understanding, and care given throughout. Very knowledgeable and able to proactively sort out any complexities and ensuring the family are continuously kept up to date. Thank you for being there at our time of need."

MG (Oct 2021)

"I would like to personally thank Salim Bhai from the bottom of my heart for the efficiency in handling all the funeral arrangements for my father-in-law,

Unfortunately, when my father-in-law passed away we didn’t have a clue of what to do and where to start. Luckily a friend had given Salim Bhai's details to contact and from the first phone call all the processes started and was explained clearly to get things moving quickly.


Alhumdulilah everything went very well, I cannot thank Crescent Funerals and all the volunteers that were involved enough.

Before this time I didn’t know of the superb service Leicester has and truthfully with what I have seen I would not want to die anywhere else in the world.   It's really exceptional the way everything is handled and the time the volunteers give in the path of Allah. May Allah provide the highest level of Jannah"

BG (April 2021)

"The service provided by Crescent is a great source of comfort to bereaved families. The empathy, professionalism of your staff is exemplary. Thank you"

AH (April 2021)



We Islah Trust would like to extend our gratitude to you as you were there whenever we needed you. Everything went on very well and as we planned Alhamdulillah. This would be almost impossible without your support. Our big Jazakkallah."


Funeral team 
Islah Trust.

(April 2021).

"We wish to thank the team at Crescent Funerals and especially Salim Mangera for his professionalism and kindness in making a potentially difficult time very stress free, which allowed us to focus on the other pressing matters under the current Covid restrictions. From the very outset when my late mother took ill I contacted Salim, who gave me great comfort through his valuable advice and more importantly his constant reassurance, which gave me the strength to deal with what was inevitable.  


His forward planning and overall management of my late mother’s funeral ran seamlessly and was very person-centred. Thank you from all of us in enabling my mother’s funeral to be conducted speedily and efficiently. We would wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone who is facing such a difficult time."


AP (Feb 2021)

"Assalamualaikum, I just wanted to say JazakAllah for doing everything for my dads Janazah. Honestly was the most exceptional service and I truly appreciate how much you all have done; from the ghusl yesterday all the way to his grave today and allowing me to see him one final time outside our house. Really felt the support provided and I would have not known on what to do myself, you all took care of everything and it went super swiftly Alhamdulillah. What you provide for others during such difficult times is truly amazing, it's like you took the stress away. JazakAllah again."

SA (Feb 2021)


"Dear Salim Bhai,

On behalf of my family, I would like to express our immense gratitude to you and all the team at Crescent Funerals for coming to our assistance in our time of need. The dignity, respect, empathy, consideration and understanding shown by all the volunteers has comforted us at an extremely difficult time. This much needed service is invaluable and long may it continue. The pandemic has infringed on every aspect of our lives including our religious rites and duties at the time of a loss.

Your concern for the deceased and their families is evident in your dedication and charitable actions. Thank you for providing a solution for the Muslim community that adheres to the government rules, is safe and ensures that our religious needs are met. 

May the Almighty reward you for your sacrifices and protect you all and reward you all abundantly Ameen. May the Almighty accept all of your efforts, keep you all sincere and united in your service to the marhoom and their families. May Allah shower his blessings and mercy on all of you and may this project flourish and continue to benefit the Muslim community. Ameen."

RS (Jan 2021)

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