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At Crescent Funerals, we recognise the need to provide regular training and awareness sessions to reflect the diverse faith and cultural needs of the community. 

Over the last decade, our founder has regularly provided training, guidance, and support to local Funeral Arrangers on matters related to death and bereavement, including the preparation and burial of the deceased. He has also presented training and awareness sessions to community organisations on the entire funeral process. 


This open-minded approach to our work lays the foundation at Crescent Funerals. This ethos has been promoted within and actively fostered by all our team members. Although our services cater primarily to the Muslim community, our training and awareness initiatives are also open to other faith groups.

Below is some of the feedback from participants:

"Salim bhai delivered a 5-hour training session running up to 10.30pm. The level of expertise, know-how, and strategic vision we witnessed in this short period of time demonstrated the milestones you have achieved to an explicit level of detail. This assisted us in identifying and prioritising our key objectives and steps forward. Despite running into personal time, Salim bhai did not once rush us and was very welcoming in any questions and answered them to our thorough satisfaction.




"Dear Salim, I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for all the time, help, advice and warm hospitality which you kindly afforded to myself, Boshor, Shami, and Steve on Monday.


Over the past 30 years I have had the privilege of meeting with many experienced and knowledgeable individuals within the funeral industry. However, I can honestly say that I have rarely been so impressed with the integrity, patience, understanding, and warmth that was offered so freely by you to us all. 


Liam ..."

If you have received training or attended one of our workshops please help us monitor and improve our provision please complete and submitting the Feedback Form below. Please be as open and honest as possible.

Note: Any information provided, personal or otherwise, will be kept confidential in line with our GDPR requirements. You can view or download our GBPR policy here

You may also view our Privacy Policy here.



Feedback Form

How satisfied were you with the training/workshop overall
If training material was provided how helpful was it?
How knowledgeable did you find the presenter?
How did you hear about us?

Thank You

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