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Funeral Process

Bereavement is the experience of losing a loved one, someone important and close to us. It is characterised by grief, which is a process that includes a range of feelings and emotions people journey through as they gradually accept and adjust to their loss.


Losing someone important to us can be emotionally devastating. Whether you have lost a partner, family member, or friend. It is vitally important to understand that the process of grieving is natural and to go through a range of physical and emotional processes is necessary in order to come to terms with your loss. It can be very difficult to predict how one is likely to react to a loss. One may experience sadness, denial, or disbelief, in some cases, even anger and hostility are sometimes displayed. There is no right or wrong way to feel. 

As Muslims, we accept and believe in the inevitability of death of the human body. However, we also believe that our spirit will move on to life hereafter, which is everlasting. Death must be accepted and the funeral rites have to be dealt with swiftly and always in a dignified manner. Most importantly, they must be completed in accordance with the teachings of our beautiful faith.

In order to deal with the practicalities of the funeral process, we offer the following important advice when a loved one passes away.

It is vital you designate one person from within your family who should be given the responsibility to make all the necessary decisions in respect of funeral arrangements. As a family, you will also need to nominate a Funeral Director or Funeral Arranger. This may be someone at your local Mosque or community center. You can also contact Crescent Funerals on the number below where our call handler will be happy to assist you.

To arrange a funeral please call:

07833 533 490


When you make the initial call please have the following information at hand.

1.  Name of deceased

2.  Address of deceased

3.  Date of birth of deceased

4.  Date of death of deceased

5.  Age of deceased

6.  Deceased place of death

7.  Name of next of kin

8.  Address of next of kin

9.  Date of birth of next of kin

10.  Contact number of next of kin

11. Email address of next of kin 

Our call handler may also ask you for some information on how the death occurred so that he is able to make an assessment and give the appropriate advice. He will then provide you with a brief overview of the process including the documentation that will be required, and how to acquire them, in order to begin making funeral arrangements.

Detailed information on these processes and required documentation can be found in the sections below. If you would rather speak to someone please feel free to get in touch with us via the appropriate contact number listed on our contact page.  

Doctor Checking a Form

Documentation issued by the Doctor and required by the Registrar of Births and Deaths in order to register the death.

Screenshot 2021-09-13 at 09.23.33.png

Registering the death will give you the documents you need in order to progress with booking a grave for the funeral

Memorial Red Rose

Documentation you will need to provide and forms you will need to complete in order to book a grave at the cemetery.

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