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Cemetery Bookings

Arranging And Attending The Funeral


Once the death has been registered we will make the cemetery arrangements with the Leicester City Council Cemeteries Department, or their out of hour's service provider, who will request Saffron Hill Cemetery staff to prepare the grave and facilities for burial.

Procedural changes

Booking of burial slots can no longer be booked in advance of the registration.


When the registration is complete the Registrar of Births & Deaths will hand the Burial Order directly to the next of kin, who will need to then deliver it to their appointed Funeral Director. The Funeral Director will then email the Burial Order to the cemeteries department and at this point the Funeral Director will be able to make enquiries in respect of a burial slot. 

Attending a Funeral at Saffron Hill Cemetery 
As of 19.07.21, we progressed to step 4 of the government's roadmap for easing restrictions. Social distancing and face masks will no longer be mandatory however we still recommend community members continue with such safety measures, particularly when attending funerals or when in busy confined spaces. Following a review of the previous step 3 guidance Leicester City Council now recommends the following:
  1. Where the Janazgah at Saffron Hill Cemetery is to be used, the number of people should be limited to 100. This number should include any council staff or volunteers that may be present.

  2. Please ensure anyone that has symptoms or should be self-isolating does not attend the funeral. 

  3. Follow instructions given by any volunteers or staff at all times.


The above rules will ensure the safety of all those attending the funeral.

Out Of Hour's Burials

Out of hour's burials can be facilitated through Leicester City Council or Crescent Funerals Ltd, their out of hour's burial service provider.  One of our advisors will be happy to provide assistance and guidance on the process to be followed to arrange a burial out of normal working hours. 


Guidance On Graves

Leicester City Council offers a choice of graves and burial options.


Please speak to one of our advisors or make an appointment with the Leicester City Council Bereavement Services office, who will be happy to provide more detailed information.

Grave Options 


Grave Capacity

Newly purchased graves, where a burial is to take place in a coffin, the grave will be dug to a minimum depth which will allow for two burials. These are sometimes referred to as "family plots". Graves can be dug to allow up to four adult burials, however, no guarantees can be made as ground conditions may vary. Seasonal weather conditions may also hamper the availability of graves with a provision for more than two burials. The council cemetery staff will do their utmost to dig the graves at maximum depth if requested in advance. The number of burials, if more than two, should be specified on the first burial application.

Lawned Grave









A lawn grave means that you can apply for a permit (fee payable) to place a memorial headstone on a grave space, NO kerbs, fences or surrounds are permitted on the grave and will be removed without notice. No trees or shrubs may be planted on the grave. The planting of memorial flowers will be permitted in a border at the head of the grave but must not exceed 30cm in depth (adult) or 15cm in depth (child) from the memorial. Maintenance of the memorial and planting is the responsibility of the grave owner.

Please note all new lawn graves will be turfed and maintained by the cemetery staff as soon as the grave has settled and weather conditions permit. This may take up to 12 months.


Traditional Grave






These graves are offered for families who want greater choice over what they can do over the grave. The entire grave can be surrounded by kerbs, edging or mounded full length to avoid other cemetery visitors walking over it. The grave area within the grave surrounds can be either planted out with suitable plants or covered entirely. Trees and large shrubs however are not permitted. 


A memorial permit is required for all memorials and kerbs for which an appropriate memorial permit fee is payable.

The fee will also apply to any homemade fences, kerbs or surrounds placed on a traditional grave.


More information on grave options can be found using the following link: click here


Burial Documentation 


A completed application form, known as a Notice of Burial (BRV1), is required prior to any burial. This form sets out all of the information required by the council in order to facilitate a burial at Saffron Hill Cemetery or at any of their other cemeteries.


Download the Notice of Burial (BRV1)


Note: It is important to decide who the applicant will be from the family to sign the Notice of Burial (BRV1). The applicant will the person who will be responsible for settling all fees and charges raised by the council for the funeral. 

In addition to the Notice of Burial (BRV1), a Burial Order will also be required prior to any burial. There are two main types.


Registrar's Burial Order.


This document can be obtained by registering the death with the Registrar of Births and Death. See section under Registrar above for more information.

Coroner's Burial Order.


If the death was referred to the coroner then a Coroner's Order for Burial will be issued by the Coroner once the investigation has been completed. See section under HM Coroner for more information. 

Burial Without a Coffin 


Procedural changes due to Covid-19

For deaths due to Covid-19 burial without a coffin is not available.

Families have a choice of burying their loved one in a standard coffin or if they wish, be buried without a coffin, often referred to as "shroud burial".


For burial without a coffin, ready-cut timber is available at Saffron Hill Cemetery. When instructed, the cemetery staff will construct the timber chamber inside the grave when it is prepared. See diagram

Note: Shroud burials are provided at single depth only. This means that there will be no allowance for a second burial to take place in that grave.   


Our advisor can provide more detailed information and appropriate advice and guidance on how to bury the deceased without a coffin. 

Guidance On Memorials


Leicester City Council has a responsibility, under the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, to ensure that risks within cemeteries are properly managed.

An application form for a permit must be submitted to Bereavement Services for the approval to install any new memorial in the cemetery, alter or add any inscription, add to or remove from the cemetery any memorial, for which fee is payable.


Any memorial installed in the cemetery will be inspected and tested every 5 years to ensure it is safe.

When an inspection reveals a memorial to be unsafe, the Council is legally required to temporarily make safe the potential hazard. As memorials are the responsibility of the grave owners and their families, the Council will only temporarily make them safe. It will not carry out any repairs.

Owners should contact their memorial stonemason in order to carry out any necessary works and the stonemason must ensure that works are carried out to the recognised industry standards as laid down by the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) or the British Registrar of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM) Code of Working Practice.

Contacting the Leicester City Council Cemeteries Department


Bereavement Services

Leicester City Council

Gilroes Crematorium

Groby Road


Opening hours: 

08.30am - 5.00pm. Monday to Friday


Telephone - 0116 373 7327

Leicester City Council - Website

Contacting Saffron Hill Cemetery


Saffron Hill Cemetery 

Stonesby Avenue



Telephone: 0116 299 5527 


Cemetery closing times for 2022

From 1 January 5pm

From 21 January 6pm

From 11 February 6.30pm

From 31 March 8pm

From 15 April 9pm

From 12 August 8pm

From 9 September 7pm

From 30 October 6.30pm

From 27 October to 31 December 5pm

Lawned Grave
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