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Grave Options


Leicester City Council offers a choice of graves and options.


Grave Capacity

Newly purchased graves (where a burial is to take place in a coffin) will be dug to a minimum depth which will allow for at least two burials. Such graves are often referred to as "family plots".


Although the option to reuse a grave for a second burial is entirely one that the family must make, there are several advantages one should consider. As may now realise there is limited land in our cemeteries and as a community we need to ensure that we make the best use of this very limited resource. Using a grave for a second burial will undoubtedly increase capacity. There is also a cost-saving aspect that families should consider. Re-using a grave for a second family burial will save the family the cost of purchasing a new one, saving over £1300.   


Furthermore, graves can be dug to allow up to three adult burials, however, no guarantees can be made as ground conditions may vary. Seasonal weather conditions may also hamper the availability of graves with a provision for more than two burials. The council cemetery staff will do their utmost to dig the graves at maximum depth, if requested in advance. The number of burials, if more than two, should be specified during the initial call and subsequent burial application.

Lawned Grave









A lawn grave means that you can apply for a permit (fee payable) to place a memorial headstone on a grave space, NO kerbs, fences or surrounds are permitted on the grave and will be removed without notice. No trees or shrubs may be planted on the grave. The planting of memorial flowers will be permitted in a border at the head of the grave but must not exceed 30cm in depth (adult) or 15cm in depth (child) from the memorial. Maintenance of the memorial and planting is the responsibility of the grave owner.

Please note all new lawn graves will be turfed and maintained by the cemetery staff as soon as the grave has settled and weather conditions permit. This may take up to 12 months.


Traditional Grave






These graves are offered for families who want greater choice over what they can do over the grave. The entire grave can be surrounded by kerbs, edging or mounded full length to avoid other cemetery visitors walking over it. The grave area within the grave surrounds can be either planted out with suitable plants or covered entirely. Trees and large shrubs however are not permitted. 


A memorial permit is required for all memorials and kerbs for which an appropriate memorial permit fee is payable.

The fee will also apply to any homemade fences, kerbs or surrounds placed on a traditional grave.


More information on grave options can be found using the following link: click here

Reserving of Graves

In recent years Leicester City Council has experienced a very high demand for burials resulting from above-average death rates, mostly due to the pandemic. Alongside burials, many families had also reserved graves next to or close to their loved ones. As a result of both of these factors, the capacity for new burials has greatly been reduced and therefore necessary steps had to be taken.  Leicester City Council applied a policy change as of 31st March 2023 to ensure it is able to provide a sufficient supply of graves to meet the projected demand over the next few years, Exclusive rights of burial for new graves may only now be purchased at the time of need for a burial. Reserving of graves is no longer be available. 

Download the council's current list of cemetery Fees and Charges

Lawned Grave
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