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Out Of Hour's Funerals

Attending the Funeral

In order to ensure the safety of those attending the funeral including the safety of the volunteers and cemetery staff  the following guidance should be followed:


As of 19.07.21, we progressed to step 4 of the government's roadmap for easing restrictions. Social distancing and face masks will no longer be mandatory however we still recommend community members continue with such safety measures, particularly when attending funerals or when in busy confined spaces. Following a review of the previous step 3 guidance Leicester City Council now recommends the following:
  1. Where the Janazgah at Saffron Hill Cemetery is to be used, the number of people should be limited to 100. This number should include any council staff or volunteers that may be present.

  2. Please ensure anyone that has symptoms or should be self-isolating does not attend the funeral. 

  3. Social distancing guidance and the wearing of face masks are strongly recommended.

  4. Follow instructions given by any volunteers or staff at all times.


The above rules will ensure the safety of all those attending the funeral. 

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