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Muslims strive to bury the deceased as soon as possible after death therefore it is not unusual for the funeral to take place that same day or the next. In Leicester, we are fortunate to have services that respond at short notice and cater to the needs of the Muslim community seven days a week.

The provision of such services places considerable demands on limited local resources. Although a nominal service charge may be applied by some service providers to cover core costs, the services are generally only viable because the majority of the physical, hands-on work, is being done through volunteers. 

Members of the community can help local organisations continue to maintain and deliver funeral services. They can do this by pledging donations for the delivery of such services or by coming forward to enlist as volunteers.


Donations can take many forms aside from the financial. It could also be for funeral-related items or equipment that a local service provider needs or requires, or it could be as simple as giving some of your professional time to help local organisations. Every little will undoubtedly help.

If you feel you are able to contribute and support our local funeral services, please come forward and contact your local service provider. You can find contact details for most of them here.

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